Whether truck driver, service driver or bus driver – all these professions fall under the term professional driver. Since the transport and travel industry is booming, any kind of professional driver is desperately needed, so any training offers you a secure professional future. But which training should you choose? In the following, we briefly present the differences and advantages of the various professions to give you a little help in deciding.

Advantages of being a service driver
Service drivers deliver goods or parcels to customers. The daily work routine is very varied. Depending on the employer, as a service driver you plan the route, check the goods or parcels, drive to the customer’s address, deliver the goods and possibly take them to the customer’s home. If necessary, you also provide small services, such as advising customers or accepting complaints. So you are always dealing with people during the day. Therefore, as a service driver you should be flexible, open-minded and customer-friendly. However, you may also deliver goods for a company not to end customers, but to other companies. The jobs as a service driver are very diverse.

A service driver drives a van, which can be driven with a class B/BE driving licence. Especially if you don’t have a driving licence yet and are thinking about becoming a professional driver, it’s easier to drive a smaller van than to get right into a big truck. In this case, the 4-month service driver training course including a class B/BE driving licence at 123fahrschule is the first thing we recommend for a professional driver. HGV Medical

Advantages of being a truck driver
As a truck driver, you drive large trucks to transport goods and merchandise. Depending on the employer and the order situation, you may be on the road regionally, nationally or internationally. You spend a lot of time in the truck on the road, but you may also plan your route yourself, check the load and load it into your truck and unload it again. Many truck drivers especially appreciate the good salary and the freedom in their own truck without too much contact with people.

As a professional driver in freight transport, you will obtain a Class C/CE truck driver’s licence, complete the mandatory accelerated basic qualification and acquire additional qualifications as needed for an easier entry into the transport and logistics sector. Especially if you already have a Class B driving licence and car driving experience, the truck driving licence will be easy for you.

Advantages of being a bus driver
As a bus driver, you work either locally in local public transport or in regional, national or international bus travel. You always have many different passengers on board who you have to bring safely to their destination. As a bus driver, you should therefore be communicative and enjoy regular contact with different people – whether pupils or senior citizens.

During the 6-month training to become a bus driver, you will acquire a class D/DE driving licence and complete the basic qualification for passenger transport, which allows you to transport more than 8 people as a bus driver. Training as a bus driver is also particularly suitable if you already have a car driving licence and driving experience. Then driving large buses will not be difficult for you.

Bus drivers, truck drivers or service drivers – they are all in demand. Which job is right for you depends on your qualifications and preferences:

If you like to travel the world in a big truck and prefer not to have so much contact with people, truck driver is the right job for you. The salaries of truck drivers are particularly good for long tours. It makes sense if you already have a class B driving licence.
If you like to work with different people, we recommend bus driver. You can find a job in public transport as well as in national or international travel. A class B driving licence is not a prerequisite, but it is still recommended so that your driving experience makes it easier for you to steer the large buses through the traffic.
If you do not have a driving licence yet, it makes sense to train as a service driver, because as a service driver you first complete the driving licence class B/BE and can then gain driving experience with a van.

Shrouded in legend and full of prejudice – this is probably the best way to describe escort services. Many people only know the concept from films or books. However, very few have their own experience. A good combination to create many prejudices that persist.

Escort services offer exactly what is in the name: they arrange an escort. What happens then is discussed in detail beforehand. Thus, there is a lot of communication and professionalism in the escort business. This strongly contradicts the image created by the entertainment media. So what is really true?

Escort Services Los Angeles

How an escort service works
Escort services provide a service. An escort lady (or an escort gentleman) is engaged for a previously discussed period of time. The initial contact is usually made via a website or by telephone (see: Escort in Frankfurt). This conversation also conveys what is expected from the service.

In many cases, sex is part of the package. But not always. Many people who are often on business trips are mainly looking for escorts for an evening or a weekend. Sometimes this is more about preventing loneliness than about sex. The payment depends on the duration of the service and of course on the reputation of the escort service.

This is why escort services have a bad reputation
There are several reasons why escorts still have to experience a lot of prejudice or even hostility. On the one hand, there is of course the problem that some people generally see sex as dirty and thus condemn the business itself. Then there is the fact that even without a prudish attitude, the thought of a connection between intimacy and money is unpleasant for many.

Escort services work extremely discreetly. Which is of course very good for the clients. At the same time, however, this also leads to a somewhat disreputable image. Since some people also use escorts for flings, many see these services negatively. Then there is also the possibility of a negative experience: some dubious escort services hide costs, miss appointments or don’t treat their escorts very well – anyone who has had dealings with such a service may have a very negative experience of the industry.

How to recognise reputable escort services
In order not to come across dubious services, you should always inform yourself well before an escort date. Some service providers in Germany have an excellent reputation and have been successful for decades. Experience is important.

Serious escort services offer a lot of information before a date is even arranged. Potential costs and a discretion guarantee are obligatory. But also clear information about which occasions the service is suitable for is important. In addition, etiquette and demands on the date or the time together are discussed.

This is how an escord date works
When looking for an escort lady (or an escort gentleman), you will look for a reputable provider and express your wishes. Normally, you will then receive a selection with short profiles of the available ladies. If you have already been a customer, you can also expect pre-selected offers or request a special lady.

The meeting usually takes place in a hotel. There – especially during the first contact – it can be discussed once again what is expected of the evening, weekend or the time together. Limits, wishes, additional costs, plans for the date and more should be openly on the table.

Then it starts already. High class escorts are usually booked for a longer period of time and not just a few hours. Thus, a date can now begin or it is driven to an event. Some people also want to have security and therefore seek conversation or closeness. In the end, escorts do exactly what is promised: A special experience according to one’s own ideas.

High-quality gaming chairs support the back when playing for hours on the computer or console. In addition to good seating comfort, the chair should also score points with its design. Many models are equipped with practical accessories such as integrated speakers. Find out here which gaming chair suits you and what you should look out for when buying.

To the gaming chairs

How does a gaming chair differ from an office chair?
The most obvious difference is probably the eye-catching design of the former, but many more details distinguish a gaming chair from an office chair. On the other hand, they have a few things in common: for example, both are usually equipped with castors, are height-adjustable and are available in different materials.

An office chair is designed to support the body ergonomically, keep the back upright and allow the feet to rest on the floor when the knees form a right angle. The seat height is adjustable so that the eyes are at the same height as the computer monitor. Some models have a headrest.

Gaming chairs, on the other hand, are much more padded so that they offer complete relaxation for the whole body. Therefore, their appearance is often reminiscent of sports car seats. Some gaming chair models recline much more than an office chair. Many include numerous extras that are superfluous or unusual at work.

gaming desk chair

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Gaming chairs

These aspects you should consider when choosing a gaming chair
Apart from aesthetics and the question of which specific model your favourite gamer uses, comfort and ergonomics while gaming should always be the basis for choosing a gaming chair. Therefore, you should always consider your height and weight to find the right model.

Different designs have each been developed for people with certain physical characteristics. The headrest, armrests and lumbar cushions should therefore adapt to your body as well as possible. Pay attention to the technical features of each model. Some are available in different sizes so that they adapt better to different body shapes and weight classes.

Gaming chair materials and parts
The most common materials for the seat of a gaming chair are

imitation leather and
fabrics or synthetic fabrics.
Some models feature a combination of different materials, making them more breathable and easier to clean.

A gaming chair made of artificial leather, for example, is much less expensive than one made of real leather and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. On the other hand, the material is much less breathable than real leather, which can be uncomfortable in summer. Therefore, it is not uncommon to come across chairs with imitation leather upholstery that have breathable fabric, some of which is micro-perforated, in certain places to prevent perspiration.

They are easy to clean: a hoover is recommended to remove dust (especially if the chair has fabric parts or if a pet lives in the household). Then wipe with a damp microfibre cloth. Take this opportunity to check the castors and their axles. Hair can accumulate there, which then makes movement difficult.

Wrapping the backrest and seat
The seat of the gaming chair should be slightly wider than your pelvis so that you can move freely and do not feel cramped at the sides. The seat should be high enough so that you can put your feet on the floor and your back can maintain a good posture. The feet should not hang in the air.

Most models can also be adjusted in depth to fit the distance between your pelvis and knees.

The backrest ends in a headrest, which is either integrated into the chair or is a separate upholstered part. In this case, it can be easily adjusted to your height, and even to the posture you adopt when playing.

The same applies to the lumbar cushion: A movable or separate model can adapt perfectly to your spine and can be removed when you stretch out backwards.

The seat’s filling material is usually foam with a higher density, so that it lasts a long time and you sit on the chair just as comfortably as on a sofa or in an armchair.

In high-end models, the backrest can be tilted backwards up to 180 °. This is probably less comfortable for playing, but pleasant for relaxing, taking a nap or watching a film. Chairs of medium or lower quality can usually be tilted at an angle of 130 ° to 150 °.

Foot and castors
The base of the chair must be as durable as possible so that it can serve for a long time. It is made of plastic or metal. The latter is more recommended for people with a heavier body weight.

The castors allow 360 ° rotation and smooth movement. Also consider the floor on which the chair will move, especially if it is parquet. Choose a model with rubber castors so as not to damage it, or use a floor protection mat.

Most castors are replaceable. So if one breaks, you can get a new set to fix it. This way your gaming chair will last even longer.

2D, 3D and 4D armrests on the gaming chair
The armrests on a gaming chair are very different from those on an office chair. They facilitate the movement of the forearms during gaming and offer various adjustment options. They have an axis that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally (2D), but 4D armrests are particularly popular.

These can be adjusted in 4 directions: forwards or backwards, from left to right and at a lateral angle. All of this helps you to react faster and more efficiently while gaming.

Accessories for gaming chairs
Medium and higher quality models often include various accessories:

Removable cover to make cleaning easier;
removable footrest;
Lumbar cushion with integrated vibration massage;
Bluetooth speaker directly in the chair, with volume control and audio connection.
LED lighting, for a perfect gaming atmosphere.
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How to assemble your gaming chair
Gaming chairs (just like office chairs) come in parts. However, it will take you no more than 20 minutes to assemble. Follow the steps in the instructions in the order given, paying particular attention to whether there is a guard to remove on the gas strut.

During assembly, you can easily see the position of the various levers and their function.

No matter how much time goes by, threesome tips will always get better and better. Although the possibilities are endless during this sexual act, putting it into practice with escorts in Amsterdam is very different from what you may think.

If you are stuck on the possibility of having a threesome with professionals, the first step is to ensure that both parties agree. Also, maintain confidence in yourself and in the professionals you have hired. Express your fears, doubts, and concerns and set boundaries before the game begins.

Top 5 tips for threesomes

When it comes to the most desired male sexual fantasies, a threesome is right at the top of the list. Of course, the reality is that the dream is rarely fulfilled. Actually, it’s not about lying back and waiting for everything to happen. You are just a cog in a three-piece machine.

So, if you want your threesome to be carried out with a bang and not a whimper, keep reading our list of things you should do during this sex act with threesome escorts.

  • Communicate what you feel

An extremely important step when starting a threesome is to communicate how you feel. Especially if there is something you don’t totally agree with. Many people feel displaced during sex and don’t realise that the best thing to do in this situation is to express what is happening in order to solve the problem.

  • Draw boundaries

Perhaps the most important advice for having a threesome is that if one of the two escorts in Belgrano is your favourite, you should decide which is the other party’s role in advance. That is, define whether you will entertain her while she watches or require her for full contact. Doing this step wrong could result in a complete disaster or, even worse, in a waste of time and money.

It is advisable that before you choose the positions for a threesome, you set rules, such as that you are not allowed to do it without condoms. Also, you should clarify that each party can have a safe word when they are uncomfortable.

  • Keep busy!

One of the key mistakes you can make when having a threesome is not dividing your time equally. If you concentrate too much on one escort, the other one is likely to get angry and leave. Ruining the atmosphere.

Remember that you potentially get twice as much pleasure in a threesome, but you also have twice as many girls to keep happy and satisfied.

  • Take it easy

Another threesome tip that can help you is to stop seeing this sexual act as a timer in which you have to complete procedures. Threesome sex should be carried out calmly so that the sensations come naturally.

  • Let yourself be carried away by desire

If you have no idea how to have a threesome, the first step is to relax. Do whatever and whoever triggers you the most at the time. In a threesome, you can kiss an escort while caressing another one or while other hands caress you. Don’t stop being balanced!


It is no mystery that putting threesome tips into practice can make the difference between being trapped in an embarrassing situation where you don’t perform as you should and turning your biggest sexual fantasy into a reality. So, stop spending time thinking you can do it all on your own and prove you can satisfy two escorts without losing your breath.

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