Whether truck driver, service driver or bus driver – all these professions fall under the term professional driver. Since the transport and travel industry is booming, any kind of professional driver is desperately needed, so any training offers you a secure professional future. But which training should you choose? In the following, we briefly present the differences and advantages of the various professions to give you a little help in deciding.

Advantages of being a service driver
Service drivers deliver goods or parcels to customers. The daily work routine is very varied. Depending on the employer, as a service driver you plan the route, check the goods or parcels, drive to the customer’s address, deliver the goods and possibly take them to the customer’s home. If necessary, you also provide small services, such as advising customers or accepting complaints. So you are always dealing with people during the day. Therefore, as a service driver you should be flexible, open-minded and customer-friendly. However, you may also deliver goods for a company not to end customers, but to other companies. The jobs as a service driver are very diverse.

A service driver drives a van, which can be driven with a class B/BE driving licence. Especially if you don’t have a driving licence yet and are thinking about becoming a professional driver, it’s easier to drive a smaller van than to get right into a big truck. In this case, the 4-month service driver training course including a class B/BE driving licence at 123fahrschule is the first thing we recommend for a professional driver. HGV Medical

Advantages of being a truck driver
As a truck driver, you drive large trucks to transport goods and merchandise. Depending on the employer and the order situation, you may be on the road regionally, nationally or internationally. You spend a lot of time in the truck on the road, but you may also plan your route yourself, check the load and load it into your truck and unload it again. Many truck drivers especially appreciate the good salary and the freedom in their own truck without too much contact with people.

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As a professional driver in freight transport, you will obtain a Class C/CE truck driver’s licence, complete the mandatory accelerated basic qualification and acquire additional qualifications as needed for an easier entry into the transport and logistics sector. Especially if you already have a Class B driving licence and car driving experience, the truck driving licence will be easy for you.

Advantages of being a bus driver
As a bus driver, you work either locally in local public transport or in regional, national or international bus travel. You always have many different passengers on board who you have to bring safely to their destination. As a bus driver, you should therefore be communicative and enjoy regular contact with different people – whether pupils or senior citizens.

During the 6-month training to become a bus driver, you will acquire a class D/DE driving licence and complete the basic qualification for passenger transport, which allows you to transport more than 8 people as a bus driver. Training as a bus driver is also particularly suitable if you already have a car driving licence and driving experience. Then driving large buses will not be difficult for you.

Bus drivers, truck drivers or service drivers – they are all in demand. Which job is right for you depends on your qualifications and preferences:

If you like to travel the world in a big truck and prefer not to have so much contact with people, truck driver is the right job for you. The salaries of truck drivers are particularly good for long tours. It makes sense if you already have a class B driving licence.
If you like to work with different people, we recommend bus driver. You can find a job in public transport as well as in national or international travel. A class B driving licence is not a prerequisite, but it is still recommended so that your driving experience makes it easier for you to steer the large buses through the traffic.
If you do not have a driving licence yet, it makes sense to train as a service driver, because as a service driver you first complete the driving licence class B/BE and can then gain driving experience with a van.

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